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Participants at the recently held A.M.A. Azeez commemoration

Reference to the glowing tribute paid by a prominent old Zahirian of the calibre of Thalif Deen in the Sunday Observer of November 22, I would also like to share some titbits with Thalif Deen and fellow readers that my late father Alhaj M. L. M. Farook who served on the staff of Zahira College as a dedicated Librarian from the time of Alhaj Dr. T. B. Jayah to R. I. T. Alles used to reminiscence about Dr. A. M. A. Azeez’s salient features.

As a Senator, Dr. A. M. A. Azeez prior to attending a Senate meeting had requested my father to bring all the available Oxford and Cambridge dictionaries to know the exact meaning of the word ‘BUT’, such was the preparation made by this prominent educationist before attending any Senate Session. I have seen and read some of the prepared speeches delivered on important occasions by Dr. A. M. A. Azeez in our college library and I hope they are preserved for future reference for the younger generation to know about Dr. Azeez’s priceless contribution towards education, religious, cultural and literary activities. Another exemplary quality

Dr. A. M. A. Azeez had was that he reprimanded his staff for standing before him and had told them “Do not stand like a Palmyrah tree, pull a chair and sit down.” This incident was narrated to me by my late father which still reverberates in my mind. This shows the true qualities of this great educationist.

It is under the guidance of Dr. A. M.A.Azeez that Zahira College became the radiating centre of Islamic thought and culture. this was has intention and this illustrious son of Sri Lanka had uttered these words.

Fowzul Aleem Farook

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